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The smart way to control social media risk

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  • Risk management

    CrowdControlHQ provides the tools required to protect your company’s social media activity, mitigate risk and ensure compliance to security standards.

    It enables you to keep your assets safe, securing accounts with our tiered access and permission-based logins, eliminating the need to share passwords and ensure that you maintain ownership over the organisation’s social media accounts.

    CrowdControlHQ  gives you access to a full audit trail. Every post can be tracked and all activity is logged as it occurs, so you know exactly what was posted and who posted it.

  • Communications

    CrowdControlHQ provides features that allow you to communicate to your network, view and respond to all social media activity centrally from a single dashboard. It gives your organisation’s employees, access to different workspaces with different levels of permissions to ensure that they have the correct level of access.

    It also enables you to collaborate with colleagues in different locations and departments. You will receive alerts when a page has been inactive for a defined period of time or when tasks are due. You can also set up alerts when key topics are mentioned and have alerts redirected to your mobile phone if necessary.

  • Crisis management

    Social media controversies that daily hit the headlines highlight the importance of protecting your brand, your organisation and your clients during the management of a crisis.If your social media accounts are hijacked by an ex-employee or you find yourself in the middle of a crisis and have to manage a high volume of incoming questions on Facebook or Twitter.

    When your reputation is at risk or during a crisis, CrowdControlHQ can help by raising the alarm if there is unusual activity on your social media profiles, allowing you to discover the cause and address any issues immediately.