CrowdControlHQ empowers teams to engage and build more valuable relationships on social media

Our Mission

Give people a reason to engage

At CrowdControlHQ we understand that social media isn’t just a channel. Being a social organisation is a philosophy with engagement at its core. We come to work every day to engage with our community, help our customers to engage with their social media audiences, and empower them to engage their own teams and collaborate with each other.

Our all-in-one platform supports this philosophy, enabling organisations to:

  • Create truly awesome content to excite their audiences.
  • Deliver exceptional social media experiences that enhance their brand.
  • Work smarter as a team through effective collaboration.
  • Accurately measure the ROI of their social media activity.

Our Community

What our community 😍 about CrowdControlHQ

Our Story

How we got here and what drives us

When social media first erupted we recognised that it wasn’t just a channel to be used by Marketing and Comms teams. It was a channel to be capitalised on by the entire organisation.

We saw that organisations wanted to monitor and manage their engagement on social media across multiple social networks. So, we set out to develop an online platform that would allow our customers to have full visibility over their social media accounts, work collaboratively across teams, and manage their reputation on social media.

We developed the first iteration of the CrowdControlHQ platform in 2009, and at the time there were still some non-believers who would say to us “social media will never take off.” Thankfully, we persevered!

As social media has become more mainstream, our software has grown into an all-in-one platform for our customers to effectively manage social media marketing and social media customer service, as well as ensure social media compliance.

Our Client Success Team work with our customers to provide the highest standard of support and help them deliver social media projects that achieve return on investment for their organisation.

Today, we’re very proud to count many of the UK’s best-known brands and organisations as customers that are realising real value from CrowdControlHQ!

James Leavesley | CEO

Our Values

We are more than just software

Our values are the cornerstone of our culture here at CrowdControlHQ. They guide our decisions and behaviour, and how we engage with each other, our customers, and partners. Every member of the CrowdControlHQ team has a superpower that’s unique to them and by working as one team we can solve the toughest challenges our customers face.

Energise value
Listen value
Commit value
Respect value
Accountable value
Develop value
Enjoy value

Hear what these values mean to us 👇

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