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Discover how to leverage the digital marketing potential of one of the world’s’ largest social media platforms in order to benefit your brand. From generating more engagement to building communities around your brand, incorporate Facebook as part of your digital strategy and see your business grow.

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With over a billion users, the potential for your brand to expand through the use of Facebook should not be understated. Through paid ads, engaging organic content, fans and recommendations, your brand could utilise the power of Facebook. Learn practical Facebook tips to help enhance your reach, improve engagement with your page, and help you to make the most out of one of the industries largest social media platforms.
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Hello, and this is a lesson about Facebook.

And you’re probably using Facebook for your organisation already, so this is just going to be things that you can consider and a few tips that will help to make the most of your Facebook page.

So the thing about Facebook is, there are a few things that you can do that will increase your reach, that will get people feeling like you’ve got some real interesting ways of presenting your content.

But what you can’t get away from is good content will always reach people and get them engaged and bad content won’t. So that’s a subject for another time around how you make brilliant content that’s really audience focused.

But here are a few things that you can think about taking your good stories and making them work better for you on Facebook.

So one thing to think about with your post is if you’re being very audience focused, then perhaps you want to just target that piece of content at specific people who follow your page.

So this doesn’t mean advertising. This just means actually I know that a portion of my audience will be interested in this, and the rest of them won’t.

So there are settings in your Facebook post that allow you to just target specific people within your group of people who like your page and remember, you don’t want everyone to like and engage with your stuff.

You want the right people to see it. So Facebook rewards you for this. Facebook says, well, from the small amount of people who have seen this a lot of them engaged. Therefore, we’re going to show it to more people like that.

And it really does help you in the long run, if you think not about trying to reach everyone but reach the right people with the right content.

If you don’t already host a group from your Facebook page, it’s something really worth considering.

The difference between your page and a group is a group is very specifically designed to talk about one topic and perhaps your brand has a whole host of different interests and audiences. A group can narrow it down.

And the great thing about a group as well for the user of the group who people who join it is that they can start conversations.

So they’re not waiting to comment on your posts, they can begin their own conversations and you’re just a moderator of that group who contributes but also allows other people to start conversations. So it’s a really useful thing to do.

So consider hosting a group where you’re not always the person who pushes stuff out, but you’ve segmented an audience and thought about the kind of topic that they’ll be interested in talking about. And it really helps boost your page and makes people feel better about your brand as well.

Have a think about live videos and what that brings to your audience. If you’ve been on Facebook for a while and you’ve ever taken part in a live video.

So you’ve seen someone’s video live and asked questions or reacted to it. You’ll know that is a really engaging place.

So when I’ve done live videos I’ll often say to people what do you think or I’ll say so I’ll get people talking and I’ll leave a space and people who are live there feel like they want to talk. I might say yes or no. So, have you tried a live Facebook feed? Yes or no – put a Y or an N in the comments.

And people start to leave their questions and answers and comments and all sorts of things. Because you’re live it feels much more like an intimate experience, and it’s an opportunity for you to talk directly to specific people. But also add some value, you can bring in an expert and do a Q&A and ask people to ask that expert some questions.

You can do behind the scenes, you can show people things that are happening right now, and there is something compelling about watching something that is live that is really worth considering planning into your content plan, or just thinking about sometimes how can we get people to talk to us directly and have much more of an authentic and gritty kind of authentic conversation.

Let’s talk about boosting posts on Facebook.

Some of you might advertise on Facebook already and you’re really adept at doing this stuff.

And some of you might have experimented a little bit with boosting posts if you’ve got small budgets. It can be a really effective thing to do.

Just think about why you’re doing it though and think about your own behaviour and how many times you’ve seen an ad in Facebook and responded to it.

Usually the boosting of posts is better for things that have already got engagement.

So imagine if you had a post and you put some money behind it, and you decided right, I’m going to spend £50 on reaching a certain demographic so that we can get more engagement on this post.

Well, if that post was boring to begin with your audience will see it and they will ignore it. If it’s very engaging, then that is a great use of your money.

And for those of you who are kind of not really big into the detail, which is actually quite a big and confusing place when you start to look into the depth of Facebook advertising.

But for those of you who just want to do the odd little boost of a post here and there, just remember to only put your money behind a post that’s already being engaged with, that’s already doing well because you know that it’s money well spent.

If you put money into a post that you put out and people aren’t really responding to, then you’ll just get a bigger audience to be bored basically.

So just think about making sure that you use your money effectively.

A lot of people ask me two questions about Facebook and how to make it more effective.

They’ll ask me, what’s the optimum length. So how many characters should I have in my post.

And they’ll often ask me as well, what’s the optimum time, when’s best to post on Facebook.

Well, I’ve got a really easy answer for that. There is no best!

You’ll find lots and lots of stats on the internet and loads of research that will say certain numbers of characters will get you a better result on your Facebook posts.

You’ll find that some people say posting in the morning is better than person in the evening. My experience of this is it really depends on what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to. If it’s good content, then people will read it or view it.

If it’s good content, then it will find its way to the right audience, even if you posted it in the morning rather than the afternoon. You yourself might find that certain things work better for your audience. And that’s great, go with what you know.

Go with the patterns of behaviour of your audience and obviously don’t make huge long posts that are rambling. Try and be as concise as you can.

But if you’re telling a great story, and it’s a bit longer than average, that’s fine as long as people respond to it.

So don’t get hung up on length or timings just decide to know your audience and give them great content.

So there are some things about Facebook that you can consider. And one thing that I have mentioned all the way through this is, great content really works.

So if you haven’t seen the webinar already that we did on engaging Facebook content, then go and take a look at that, and we’ll see you on the next lesson.

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