10 actionable tips to generating more meaningful engagement on Twitter

By April 12, 2018

Twitter is the social network of choice for the majority of us social marketing and comms professionals. No other channel makes it easier to keep vast audiences engaged, informed and entertained. One reason for Twitter’s success is the ease at which organisations can create new profiles and begin engaging with multiple audiences.

For large or multi-faceted organisations however, generating meaningful two-way engagement across multiple Twitter accounts can be complex and time consuming. So we’ve compiled this list of 10 actionable tips that you can apply today to help generate more engagement:

1. Tweet often

In order to keep your followers ‘engaged’ you want to keep them updated continually with news and goings on with your organisation. Whether it’s a new exercise class you’ve added to your leisure centre timetable, news on the latest council recycling scheme, a new member of staff joining the team, or your latest sales promotion campaign. Let you audience know. But be wary that you are not simply broadcasting too many self-promoting tweets to your audience, as this could have a negative effect on your account and potentially loose followers, so it is important to find the right balance.

2. Use keywords

Keyword targeting on Twitter, allows you to connect with users based on words and phrases they have recently tweeted or searched for. This allows you to reach your target audience when it is most relevant to them. Similarly, by using #’s this allows people to quickly and easily search for a certain hashtag and your organisation will be discovered.

3. Schedule content

In order to save yourself or colleagues time and enhance your social media output it is a good idea to schedule tweets. By planning ahead you can ensure your account is tweeting at peak times and during events, this will help increase visibility and exposure to your organisation. Tweets can be scheduled either via Twitter if you have a Twitter Ad account or alternatively by using a Social Media Management platform such as CrowdControlHQ.

4. Use #hashtags

Powerleage tweet

Hashtags are key tool to engagement on Twitter. They make your content discoverable and ensure that you are able to connect with like minded users. Similar to keywords, by using #’s this allows people to quickly and easily search for certain content and help your organisation be discovered.

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5. Create lists

Twitter lists are a great way to keep up to date with other relevant users and organisations. They enable you to see updates from specific people or organisations who you have chosen to closely follow, by organising accounts of interests into groups. As such this allows you to be more engaged and up to date trends in certain industries. Creating lists are very easy click here to follow twitters step by step guide.

6. Engage, don’t just post!

Twitter is a social network, so socialise! Many brands have seemingly forgotten the main reason for social media network, as it is not a tool to just distribute self-promotional content. It is about engaging with your audience and providing them will relevant, informative and entertaining content. Engage with your followers by contributing to relevant conversations, providing value to your followers, and encouraging two-way conversation. Of course, some organisations perhaps operating in the public service arena can get away with simply broadcasting updates all day, but for the majority of organisations looking to engage audiences, it is not recommended.

7. Get involved in trending topics

IWD tweet

In order to engage with users get involved in trending topics, it is a simple yet effective way to get involved with your audience. A number of top brands tweet support to movements and causes, a recent example being #IWD2018 (International Women’s Day). It not only will help with engagement but can show the culture and ethics of your organisation. Remember, the topic does not have to be relevant to your organisation but be brave and get involved. It can be a great way to vary your content and increase the reach of your tweets.

8. Respond when you are @mentioned

If you are looking to improve your overall engagement on Twitter, then it is vital when people do engage with you, that you respond. Research has found that 15% of consumer will unfollow a brand if they don’t receive a reply to a post. Not only this, but the quicker you respond the better. Currently brands are failing to cope with the number of queries they are receiving on social media with only 34% of tweets being successfully answered.

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9. Make it easy for people to get in touch!

Notts city council twitter

Social media is increasingly used as the ‘go-to’ customer support channel, as people jump onto Twitter and Facebook, often on their phone, to submit queries and complaints.

To make it easier for customers and provide a better experience, make use of Twitter’s profile buttons which allow consumers to simply click to send a direct message. Here, any complaints or queries are hidden from public view which can be beneficial if you are new to dealing with complaints or queries.

Depending on your organisation and social media setup, you can sometimes more appropriate to create a separate Twitter account specifically for customer service related queries and complaints. This can be most effective for organisations with a large customer base but where you have only one or two Twitter accounts for the brand, and receive a relatively high number of inbound messages.

Operating a separate Twitter profile for customer support also allows you to involve the Contact Centre or Support team in responding to enquiries received via that account, while the Marketing or Comms team focus on brand building and social campaigns via the brand profile.

10. Create a branded #hashtag

Branded hashtag

An effective way to generate user content is by starting your own branded hashtag, encouraging fellow Twitter users to get involved and generate content for you surrounding your hashtag.

Not only this, but by using branded hashtags it is an easy way for you to monitor what your audience are saying about the organisation or the campaign.

By using social media management platforms such as CrowdControlHQ you are able to integrate these campaigns into your analytics. From here you can analyse the reach, usage and impressions of the hashtag.

While these tips are to help improve engagement, by using them you will see a real shift in your Twitter page. Not only this, but by using them it will save you time and energy to invest in top notch content. Let us know your favourite tip by tweeting us @CrowdControlHQ