5 Copywriting Lessons to Supercharge Your Social Media Content

By April 16, 2020

Every organisation has a story to tell; copywriting helps you get that story out there to your audience. Copywriting is both a science and an art: know the topic, study your analytics and use these helpful tips to bring your story to life.

Writing good copy is an essential skill, which with a little practice can be learned and perfected. Check out the key takeaways to creating compelling copy from our social media training academy!

Know Who You’re Talking To

By trying to speak to everyone, you’ll speak to no one. Tailor your content to your ideal audience, making your message irresistible to that person.

While there is a temptation to make your message more general to reach a broader audience, keep your copywriting as specific as possible. You will build deeper connections and develop more authentic relationships with your audience this way!

Share Benefits Over Features

Instead of just explaining features of a product or service you offer, use your content to address a problem that the product solves for your customer.

By focusing on your audience instead of you, your content will be more engaging as your readers will know it was written with them in mind.

Answer Who, Why, When, What?

Who is it for, why should they care, when will they get it, what do they have to do next?

Answering these questions in every piece of content you write helps to stay focused, punchy, and specific. People get bored when you waste their time waffling! 

Tell Them What You Want

You can write the best piece of content in the world that your audience loves; but if you don’t tell them what you want them to do next, they’ll move on and not do anything at all.

Include a clear call to action in all copywriting you do, otherwise, what’s the point? All your content should have a purpose, so you need to communicate what the reader needs to do for your content to achieve that purpose.

Don’t Ask Fake Questions

“Did you know?” is not a real question. It’s a good opener for useless trivia from Uncle Kevin at the family party, but it does not nurture authentic engagement on your content, as you probably don’t care if the person knew or not.

If you’re asking a question, be genuinely interested in what the answers are. Your copy will work better if people are answering your questions, being engaged and getting involved in the conversation.


Start getting your stories out there and keep people hanging off your every word with these copywriting tips. Practice whenever you can; the only way to get better is to keep at it and start seeing the results of your hard work!

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