5 Engagement-Grabbing Videos You Can Film On A Phone

By April 25, 2019

We all know that video content is super important on social media. The social networks often prioritise video content because it’s more attractive to audiences, and it’s more likely to help you achieve your objectives because it’s memorable and eye-catching.

However, introducing video into your social media strategy can be quite daunting and like many teams, you might have concerns that video is expensive and time-consuming to produce.

But in today’s blog we’re here to dispel this myth! Social media videos can be really simple and effective and in many cases the only equipment you need is your smart phone.

As Hel Reynolds says in this week’s Academy lesson on visual social media content – overly corporate and produced videos are actually more likely to turn your audiences off than attract them.

Which is why we’re sharing 5 fantastic examples of video content on social media that’s real, engaging, and most-importantly, easy to film on a smart phone.

1. Brighton & Hove City Council

We had to include this video because it’s a brilliant example of the fact that your best content is most likely something spontaneous, rather than a fully produced and planned piece.

Videos like this feel more authentic and can capture our attention because they look more home-made and therefore not like an ad! This fun video is less about the council and it’s services, but more about the people in it and encouraging conversations to get their audiences used to communicating in this way.

Now you might be thinking, how can we plan content like this and the reality is, in most cases you can’t. But what you can do is train your colleagues to spot opportunities like this when they arise. So that whilst they’re going about their day if they see anything that makes them laugh, shocked, or proud that’s suitable to share online, then they can film it.

With that in mind, consider your colleagues an untapped source of social media content and make sure they have the tools and training to get involved!

2. City Police Horses

We were mainly drawn to this next video because it’s adorable and yet so simple!

This is a prime example of engaging social media content that sparks an ‘awwww’ response. In other words, content that’s sweet, endearing, or heart-warming. Helen Reynolds talks about how powerful this type of content is in one of our recent webinars (click here to watch), and it’s easy to see why. Animals lift our mood and make us happy, as well as in this case, helping to educate audiences about the work that goes in to caring for and training police horses.

But don’t worry if you don’t have access to beautiful horses or cute kittens, there are plenty of other ways to create that feel-good feeling. It could be doing something nice for your community, celebrating a colleague who’s done something amazing, or sharing a great story from one of your customers.

3. University of Birmingham

This next example is great because the idea is applicable to almost any organisation as all you need are your colleagues.

Short interview style videos work really well on social media because you can convey a lot of emotion through body language and facial expressions that just isn’t normally possible on social. This allows you to show off the human side of your organisation and bring more personality and warmth to your channels.

In this case, the University have also been able to highlight some of the fantastic research being developed by their academics which has the double effect of attracting students thinking about studying maths, and reinforcing their position as a forward-thinking University!

4. Recycle for Wales

Our fourth stand-out video comes from the campaign, Recycle for Wales and it’s a stunning example of how to share tips and tricks with your social media audiences.

Now there are a number of reasons why we love this:

  • It’s led by a member of the community which gives it social validation
  • It’s really informative, thus adding value for their audiences
  • It’s visually interesting and easy to take in which makes it more eye-catching and satisfying to watch

Have you consider what hacks, tips, or advice you could share in this format?

5. CrowdControlHQ

Finally, we wanted to sneak in one of our own videos in partnership with Hel which we did actually film on an iPhone. This video is a snippet of the Academy Lesson we published this week and shows that you don’t always have to create brand new footage, you can also slice up existing content and videos that you already have to hone in on a message.

This works particularly well with presentations and talks so consider how you could re-purpose footage you already have from events!

So that was our wrap up of 5 social media videos that might be simpler and easier to create, but have a fantastic impact on your audiences! Now we want to hear from you – which of these videos was your favourite or have you spotted another that needs recognition? Let us know @CrowdControlHQ or email us at