5 Healthcare Organisations Leading the Way on Social Media

By January 30, 2020

From healthy behaviour changes and starting conversations around wellbeing to booking appointments and accessing the help people need, healthcare organisations are influencing change on a much larger scale with social media.

We’ve rounded up 5 great examples from healthcare organisations that promote the incredible work they’re doing, with some key takeaways that you can apply to your social media strategy!

Share Human-Interest Stories

No matter what sector you’re in, audiences on social media don’t want to be bombarded with the same type of content over and over again. Think about varying your organisation’s updates with fresh, audience-focused content. Your followers will see that you’re an approachable organisation, and you truly care about the people you help every day.

Share news articles about your field of healthcare or blog posts that your audience would find interesting to mix up the content you post. Hallmark Care Homes shared this heart-warming story about a care home patient with dementia that recorded a charity single that’s taking the charts by storm; well done, Margaret! 

Use #Hashtag & Awareness Days

A common goal for healthcare organisations is to raise public awareness of health issues. With the vast amount of wellness-related days throughout the year, making use of these trending hashtags provides a great source of social media content. They will also help you expand the reach of your content, breaking into new audiences and growing your accounts to reach the people that need you the most. 

Create tailored social media content around trending hashtags days that support your goals for public health, to increase awareness. Bupa Dental Care used #SugarAwarenessWeek to highlight facts around sugar, in an interactive poll on Twitter.


Want to know what health-related hashtag days are coming up this year? Download your free copy of our 2020 Social Media Content Calendar! 

Include Research Findings in Your Content

Healthcare organisations can use social media to share significant research breakthroughs and developments that can help people stay healthier for longer. They’re also great for establishing your organisation as a credible source and highlighting the effectiveness of treatments and prevention.

Share statistics or promote your involvement in research to keep your audience up-to-date with current healthcare developments. The Health Research Authority shared an exciting piece on preventing deafness in premature babies, an issue affecting as many as 15% of babies born prematurely.

Promote Fundraising Opportunities

If your organisation is a charity, you could use social media to promote fundraising opportunities. Celebrate individuals that raised money for you and show the work you do with those donations. Sharing this type of content is perfect for inspiring your audience to get involved and raise much-needed funds to carry on your incredible work!

Sharing fundraising events on social media can be a great way to keep the conversation going and encourage other people to get involved. Milton Keynes Hospital can be seen promoting their ‘2020 swimathon’, mentioning that they are raising funds to make a difference to the lives of patients on the Stroke Unit. 

Get Involved in Global Health Announcements

Keeping people as healthy as possible is one of the main goals of the healthcare profession, so sharing content on global health issues will consolidate the message and help to reach even more people.

Create your own content or share others’ to spread important messages, just like Public Health England did when they retweeted the Coronavirus update from the Department of Health and Social Care.



Social media is an excellent opportunity to share the fantastic work you do for people every day, and help to make us all as healthy as we can possibly be. With so many healthcare organisations doing awesome things on social media, do you have any favourites? Let us know on Twitter @CrowdControlHQ!