5 Scarily Good Halloween Social Media Marketing Ideas

By October 23, 2018

Whether you’re a lover of horror films, a pumpkin carving pro, or a trick or treat chaperone, there’s something for everyone this Halloween! That means there’s plenty of opportunities for organisations to turn up the fear-factor and get creative with spooky social media marketing campaigns!

While this might just sound like a bit of festive fun, there’s tangible business benefits to be had. From driving engagement with your audiences, to building relationships, and even increasing revenue, Halloween is an opportunity not to be missed.

To fuel your spectacularly spooky ideas, in today’s blog we’re sharing our favourite Halloween campaigns sure to fright and delight!

1. English Heritage’s Night in a Haunted Castle

First up is this unmistakably spooky campaign from English Heritage. The organisation asked three YouTube influencers to spend a night in one of their most haunted properties with fantastic effect.

This video series is not only entertaining to watch in its own right, but also shows off one of English Heritage’s beautiful castles, and sparks an emotion in us (fear) making it more memorable. On top of that, by working with social media influencers, the organisation can reach beyond their current audience and attract a greater following, brand awareness, and ultimately intrigued visitors to Bolsover Castle!

Now we know that unlike English Heritage, unfortunately not everyone has access to a range of fantastically frightening castles! If you’re struggling to track down a suitably spooky fort, instead why not consider the local folklore and history of your area and explore how you could incorporate this into your content!

2. Nisa Local’s Scary Stories in a Bottle

Next up, we’re loving Nisa Local’s Halloween competition featuring wines with a dark past! The stores stock 19 Crimes wines which each tell their own story of a historic crime that was once committed. Having spotted such a creative product, Nisa Local have turned this into a super successful engagement opportunity offering their followers the chance to win a case of the wine.

As you can see, the competition has driven hundreds of retweets and engagements which again help Nisa Local to reach a wider audience and improve brand awareness!

Have you considered how you could add an element of spooky entertainment into your buyers’ journey? Perhaps a competition that can take place in your store, or a link to download a Halloween curated playlist on your website!

3. Angels Hotel’s Harry Potter Events

We all know that Harry Potter is a crowd favourite and so combining Halloween events with an air of Hogwarts was always going to be a recipe for success!

Angels Hotel have capitalised on their bar, aptly named ‘Harry’s’ to host a Harry Potter themed quiz which has both sold out, and driven a whirlwind of engagement on their Facebook page. This engagement is in the form of people tagging their friends to share it with them. This is an increasingly common thing to see on social media posts and is arguably a greater sign of success than a comment back to the brand. By tagging their friends in, customers are endorsing the hotel and raising awareness of the activities they have on.

There’s lots that other hospitality and leisure providers could learn from this campaign and congratulations to Angels Hotel on an awesome event!

4. Oldham Council’s Festive Fun Run

This post from Oldham Council also caught our eye because it ticks lots of council objectives in one campaign. Firstly it’s eye catching with a great image and lots of themed icons. Secondly, while the topic has a sense of Halloween fun, it’s also about getting kids outdoors and active to promote a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, in using relevant hashtags and tagging partners, the council have been able to reach a broader audience!

Have you considered how adding a Halloween twist to your content could help you to achieve your organisation’s core objectives like Oldham council?

5. Andrews Property Group’s Decoration Competition

Last but not least, let’s not forget that the lots of the fun of Halloween is in decorating and dressing up! Andrews Property Group have recognised that and challenged their audiences to send pictures of their best Halloween inspired home decorating for the chance to win a prize.

We love that this campaign is still true to the organisation and it’s purpose by focusing on the home and keeping conversations festive but relevant. There have been some great entries already, which is creating some awesome user generated content, making Andrews’ social media accounts all the more relatable, eye-catching, and personable.