5 Utilities Shining the Light on Social Media

By August 6, 2020

Utility organisations are the backbone of the UK, keeping the lights on and the water flowing in our homes. With such a focus on connecting with their local communities and customers, social media is a perfect communication channel for Utilities.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 Utilities that are maximising the benefits of social media, and breaking down what makes them so successful.

Communicate Updates & Disruptions

With such complex infrastructures, things will inevitably go wrong at some point. How you communicate this to your customers makes all the difference to your relationship and overall reputation. By using social media to broadcast essential updates, you can reach a large portion of your audience in a place where they regularly spend time online.

Northern Ireland Water does precisely this when they experience problems with disruptions to the water supply. This shows their audience that they are aware of an issue, are proactively working to resolve it and are transparent with information. This is important for setting audience expectations and maintaining a reliable reputation for swiftly dealing with problems.

Be a Driving Force for Change

For decades, there have been critical conversations around moving to sustainable sources of fuel, electricity and water; with utility organisations firmly in the spotlight. Use social media to promote your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans, to show your audience the actions you’re taking and be an example to other organisations in your sector.

Tonik Energy has recently announced a partnership with the organisation, Better Century. They promote and educate on how we can all live a more sustainable life by sharing resources and increasing awareness. By publishing this partnership on their social channels, Tonik helps to inform eco-conscious customers of their actions, and set an example for utility companies to think about sustainability.

Use Interactive Content to Engage With Your Audience

The key to building a buzzing community on social media is to give your audience a reason to engage. A great way to do this is to use native features of each platform to create interactive content that encourages users to answer questions, share their insight or get involved in conversations. 

South Staffs Water ran an interactive Twitter poll, asking their audience how many glasses of water they drink in an average day. Not only is this engaging content about the service that South Staff Water provides, but it also gets people thinking about a healthy lifestyle and whether they’re drinking enough water.

Use #Hashtag & Awareness Days

With the enormous amount of hashtag and awareness days throughout the year, making use of relevant events are a great source of engaging social media content. Writing content around trending topics also helps you to expand the reach of your content, breaking into new audiences and growing your channels. 

Bulb created a light-hearted post around #FriendshipDay, celebrating friendships while simultaneously maximising their use of the trending topic to promote their referral scheme, designed for customers to refer their friends to the organisation.

Actively Participate in Research

Just like promoting CSR plans, utility companies can use social media to share significant research breakthroughs and developments that encourage sustainability. They’re also great for establishing your organisation as credible and socially responsible to your customers. 

Affinity Water shared an exciting update on a farming trial they were part of, working to capture more nitrates from agriculture to reduce the impact on climate change. This keeps their audience up to date with industry-leading research that Affinity is involved in, resonating with climate-conscious customers.


Social media is an excellent opportunity to share the fantastic work you do for people every day, and help to make conscious choices to be more sustainable with our usage. With so many utility companies doing awesome things on social media, do you have any favourites? Let us know on Twitter @CrowdControlHQ!