How Social Media is Bringing People Together

By May 11, 2020

More and more people are turning to social media than ever before. How has the role of social media been adapted for the current situation, and what does this mean for an organisation’s social media strategy?

Social Media As a Force for Good

It’s natural that people still turn to social media to complain about others not obeying the lockdown rules and how the government is handling the situation. However, many more are using social to reconnect, check in with friends and turn the situation into something positive. 

The Run for Heroes 5k Challenge is an excellent example of how different people have been able to connect over social media, to stay physically active and raise money for great causes. 

The Increasing Reliance on Social Media

Even though we’re all isolating in our homes, we still need to connect and socialise with other people; social media is perfect for this. As we all find ourselves with more time on our hands, many have been drawn to social media significantly more than under usual circumstances, including a considerable increase in social media use for furloughed employees. 

What This Means for Organisations

As more people flock to social media, organisations dealing with the public must maximise their presence on social, regardless of their current circumstances:

  • Temporarily closed: Many organisations, such as fitness or leisure facilities, have had to shut their doors and furlough the majority of their staff. Despite the temporary closure, they still need to keep their community on social media engaged, resulting in a reduced team having to adapt to a significantly increased workload.
  • Frontline services: Organisations such as housing associations, councils, and universities must remain open. They have experienced an exponential increase in inbound enquiries on social media, due to the uncertainty, disruption and speculation around the future. 

Whether your organisation has been temporarily closed or you’re at the heart of the pandemic, all organisations need further efficiencies and processes to deal with the demand of social media. 

Our customers have seen a 75% increase in social media traffic between February and April this year; highlighting just how many people have been drawn to social media to ask questions, stay engaged or write a complaint.

We’ve also seen organisations adapting to this increase on social media; 40% of our customers took advantage of our offer to add an unlimited number of users into the CrowdControlHQ software.

Looking Ahead

While phone lines are unmanned and live chats are closed, social media for organisations is thriving. The increasing demand clearly shows a significant number of people are becoming significantly more comfortable with using social media as their desired channel.


Once we get back to normality and resume “business as usual”, more people will continue to use social media to reach out to organisations. If you haven’t already, you should look ahead and think about social media from a strategic and operational standpoint to meet this shift in customer behaviour.