How to Nurture Employee Brand Advocacy on Social Media

By May 21, 2020

During times of uncertainty, it can be challenging to stay on top of creating engaging social media content, as well as maintaining a thriving community on your channels. Supporting your existing team to become social media brand advocates is a great way to keep your audience engaged with authentic content. 

Your organisation’s staff and leadership team are one of your biggest assets on social media, with LinkedIn finding that employees are responsible for 20% of your organisation’s overall engagement. However, colleagues working in a non-social media role will rarely understand social media as well as you do; so you need to help them out. 

Nurturing and upskilling your team to become brand advocates on social media takes some time and preparation. Follow the advice from our social media training academy to develop your colleagues into effective brand advocates.

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Build Their Confidence With Support

Providing guides and support material for the team can give them the confidence they need to get stuck into social media content. Your social media strategy should be able to help you come up with general guidelines for your colleagues to follow that align with your organisation’s goals.

Recognise colleagues that have an excellent story to show on social media, and highlight good examples of content. People tend to learn faster when they have access to case studies and real examples so they can see how their efforts stack up against the benchmark.

Set Expectations Early

If you have a new starter, let them know the expectations of social media in the initial induction process. By setting the expectation as early as possible, they can get into the habit straight away and become an advocate in no time. 

Provide Continued Support & Encouragement

Hosting monthly social media story meetups helps colleagues bounce ideas around and learn from each other in a supportive environment. Facilitate the conversation by sharing examples of content that really stuck out for you and guide them with questions. 

Another great way to keep colleagues motivated is to engage with their content on social media. If they see they have likes and comments on their posts, they’re much more likely to carry on trying. Help them build a personality and share their own stories on social media.

Even as social media experts, we all get a bit of anxiety before posting something; imagine how your non-social media colleagues feel before pressing send! Give them support, resources, and in-person guidance to help them overcome these feelings.


Employee advocacy is an ongoing process, with people at different stages. If you can get a robust support system in place that builds the team’s confidence, you’ll have a wealth of vast knowledge, experience and stories to pull from for your organisation‚Äôs social media.

Our free social media training academy is packed full of advice on turning your team into brand advocate superstars, as well as loads of other social media wisdom; check it out!