Meet the CrowdControlHQ Team: Naomi Linford

By June 5, 2018

In our latest Meet The Team series, we chat with Naomi Linford about her thoughts on the key elements of successful social media initiatives, and discover a little bit of what she gets up to outside the office!

Naomi Linford, CrowdControlHQ

What’s your role at CrowdControlHQ?

I wear a couple of hats at CrowdControlHQ, the first is that I’m an Enterprise Social Media Specialist helping our clients to achieve their objectives with our software, and secondly, I work closely with our Marketing team writing blog posts and other content. It’s a bit of a mix but it’s great to have variety and get involved in lots of different projects!

What does your typical working day look like?

Depending on whether I’m in the office or have a client meeting, I’ll either head to the train station or to our office for about 9am.

I always start the day by checking my emails and diary to plan my day. If I’m not out at a meeting I usually have a couple of calls booked, catch ups with other members of the CrowdControlHQ team and work on upcoming blogs or planning for our customer events. At the moment I’m working on a document all about use of social media in local government and how it’s shaking up more historic practices which is very interesting!

What’s the best part of your day?

I enjoy getting out of the office to meet with our clients and there’s nothing better than catching up with teams and seeing the progress they’re making on their social media marketing or social customer services, and how they are using the CrowdControlHQ software to support their objectives. Also, not a bad way to see more of the UK, next week I’m heading to Derbyshire and Essex!

You’ve worked with lots of organisations to help them set up their social media projects, what do you think is the hardest part of a roll out?

For me I think there are two main factors that can limit the success of deploying a social media project and they both revolve around people:

1. Support — if there’s no support from senior management it’s going to make the whole process a lot slower as sign off will take longer, also, it’s unlikely that the project will reach its full potential as key departments like Customer Service might not be onboard.

2. Colleague buy-in — this follows on from the first, but if you haven’t spent the time building support across your organisation for the project, when it comes to asking your colleagues to start creating content and getting involved you might be running up against a brick wall! Although it can be difficult, involving your colleagues in the journey will pay off!


What do you get up to outside work?

Either playing netball for a local Edgbaston team even if its in the freezing rain or jogging to keep up my fitness as I like to run the Birmingham Half Marathon as many years as I can!

Finally, tell us a fun fact that few people know about you!

Naomi Linford, University of Birmingham Rowing Club

I was in the University of Birmingham Rowing Club and raced at the Women’s Head Race in London. An achievement I’m even more proud of considering I’m quite vertically challenged!