Social media campaigns: 6 killer campaigns that drove meaningful engagement

By January 25, 2018

Most organisations have some kind of presence on social media but surprisingly only a small percentage go as far as formulating a robust campaign approach as a tool to drive audience engagement.

On the surface it is easy to see why ‘develop a campaign’ sits on the ‘To Do’ list for many marketing and social media teams! Campaigns can be time intensive in researching, testing and creating content and that is before the launch and execution stage.

Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns can also be high risk. There are many examples where a campaign has headed off in the wrong direction or provoked a response that is contra to the objective leading to it being pulled. However, well executed campaigns can unlock a much greater level of social media engagement with your target audience, acting as a catalyst and underpinning long-term social relationships.

Why? Because campaigns are very focused on achieving a specific objective – raise awareness, drive sales, challenge perceptions and can add considerable value to their audiences in terms of information, entertainment and emotion. The planning that needs to be invested into a campaign to achieve success focuses teams on quality over quantity and generally campaigns are evaluated more effectively as they are clear in the goal they set out to achieve.

So make 2018 the year that you bring a social media campaign to life. Here we review some of our favourite social media campaigns.

1) Girl Scouts

Girsl Scouts Twitter Campaign

Campaign strength: Raising awareness and signposting to an App
Platform: Twitter
Brand: Girl Scouts

The Girls Scouts are a non-profit organisation based in the USA. Girl Scouts are best known for producing and selling cookies, which help fund local community schemes.

The Girl Scout social media team noted that consumers were having issues finding their local Girl Scout representatives during Cookie season and as such wanted to try and improve the number of searches on their website and to increase app downloads.

To achieve this, the team used a promoted Twitter App Card (Twitter’s native advertising tool specifically for promoting mobile app installs). The campaign reached a large audience on Twitter allowing users to easily download the app and open the Girl Scout cookie finder. Overall, the Girl Scouts achieved a significant increase in conversion rate with 19,500+ app installations directly from Twitter.

2) La Vie On Board (Life On Board)

La Vie On Board Eurostar Instagram

Campaign strength: Innovative use of social media platforms to stand out from the crowd
Platform: Instagram
Brand: Eurostar

In 2016, Eurostar launched a new fleet of trains from London to Paris. The basis of the social campaign was to explore a relatively under-utilised Instagram feature, ‘horizontal’ gallery, to stand out from the crowd. The campaign consisted of around 200 images, with animated videos incorporated into these, with each representing a destination in either London or Paris, or even shows a benefit of the new fleet. The campaign was used to encourage the audience to explore more of the profile with each telling a different story. Take a look at the Instagram page here.

In addition to the Instagram page, Eurostar ran social media contests encouraging it’s audience to take and post selfies with #Eurostar and used the help of popular Instagram influencers to promote the campaign. The campaign achieved 9.7 million impressions on the Instagram page and helped to grow Eurostars social media following.

3) Dacia

Dacia Facebook Ad Boosted PostCampaign strength: Testing advertising approaches to raise brand awareness
Platform: Facebook
Brand: Dacia

Dacia were looking to increase leads and to improve their brand awareness. To achieve this, Dacia used Facebook’s Boosted Posts feature to promote it’s ad content and extend their reach. They created ads for each of their car models focused on targeting both mobile and desktop users. They used data from past activities to ensure testing of the ad was completed, which helped optimise the impact the advert had.

The campaign delivered a 6-point uplift in brand favourability, 6-point uplift in purchase intent and a 45% reduction in the cost per lead, compared to standard display ads. Facebooks Ads can be ideal for lead generation, but only as long as the messaging and targeting is applied correctly.

4) #LiveInTheMovies

Airbnb #LiveInTheMovies TwitterCampaign strength: Campaign linked to a popular ‘moment’ in time
Platform: Twitter
Brand: Airbnb

In 2016, Airbnb ran a very innovative guerilla style campaign around the Oscars. The Marriott Hotels were already in pole position as the main sponsors, with a strict embargo on commercial mentions of the Oscars by other brands. As a result, they had to think outside of the box and decide on a new plan of attack.

With the limitations in mind, the brand worked on a social campaign which would indirectly generate movie-inspired conversations during the 3 days approaching the Oscars. The brand tweeted “#LiveInTheMovies What movie would you live in?” Airbnb then responded to each tweet with a listing that matched the movie and location. A number of top accounts such as Google and 20th Century Fox even got involved in the campaign!

It took more than 100 real time posts but Airbnb generated over 63 million impressions and more conversations then any other advertiser throughout the Oscar period, even without a TV ad or any Oscar permissions. Airbnb is a great example at showing, if you take the time and energy to engage with your audience, they will talk back.

5) #OpenYourWorld ‘Worlds Apart’

Heineken-OpenYourWorld-Facebook.pngCampaign strength: Harnessing human emotion and creating suspense
Platform: Facebook
Brand: Heineken

Using Facebook as the primary social platform, Heineken conducted a real life social experiment. They brought together opposite people i.e a feminist and anti-feminist and gave them the challenge of building a bar together at which they could sit and have a drink before discovering their team mates political views. They were then given the option to stay and discuss their difference or leave. All participant chose and remain and some became good friends.

The social campaign achieved 3 million views in 8 days upon it’s launch, also achieving 50,000 shares in one month and trending with the #OpenYourWorld. Although the campaign was predominately for Facebook, it began to be shared across other platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter. What made this campaign so interesting is that Heineken took the time to try and reinstate human kindness, listing and empowerment. Something never been done by a beer manufacturer before.

6) #EndangeredEmoji

WWF #EndangeredEmoji TwitterCampaign strength: Simplicity
Platform: Twitter
Brand: WWF

In 2015, WWF noticed that 17 of the animals present on the emoji index were in fact endangered species. As such, the brand launched the #EndangeredEmoji campaign to raise awareness and help increase donations.

The idea was simple. For every tweet / retweet of an animal emoji shared by @WWF Twitter account, users were asked to make a donation of £0.10/ $0.10. At the end of each month users were given a summary of their activity from WWF along with a donation equivalent. The campaign coincided with Endangered Species day (May 19) which helped add weight to the campaign.

In total, more than 1 million tweets used the campaign hashtag, with over 59,000 donations being made in the first two months. More impressively, @WWF managed to gain more than 200,000 new followers.

What made this campaign so effective was the ease, it did not feel like a forced viral campaign. By using the emoji craze it was able to suggest a fun and slightly inexpensive way to raise awareness. Further helped with the likes of Richard Branson and Jared Leto being involved.

Make your social media campaign a success

Ensure that you have a robust social media management platform like CrowdControlHQ underpinning your campaign. Not only will you need to plan ahead the channel content, there will be a need for multiple departments to collaborate on content and for this to be checked and scheduled before release. This should all be managed from a social media management platform to create an audit trail, capture learnings and highlight those that are consistently scoring high with the audience in terms of delivering engagement messages.

CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media campaign management tool and makes it simple to create award winning campaigns and record results to ensure that your campaign approaches goes from strength to strength.