How Buckinghamshire Council Pivoted Their Social Media Strategy To Manage The Covid-19 Crisis

With Connie Primmer, Senior Comms Officer at Buckinghamshire Council

Public sector communicators, hear first-hand how Buckinghamshire Council’s Comms Team pivoted their social media strategy from launching the newly merged authority to manage the Covid-19 crisis.

In this video, Connie Primmer, Senior Communications Officer at Buckinghamshire Council shares her experiences of building the social strategy, reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, and what they learnt along the way.

Learn more about:

👉 Preparing the social strategy for the newly formed council authority
👉 Expectations vs reality of launching a new social strategy and pivoting into crisis comms
👉 Lessons from Buckinghamshire Council’s social media response to Covid-19


Connie PrimmerConnie Primmer
Senior Comms Officer at Buckinghamshire Council

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