Local Government – The Role Of Social Media For 2021

Local Government The Roles Of Social Media For 2021It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has completely taken over 2020, with social media emerging as an instrumental channel for public sector organisations across the country.

For example, Buckinghamshire Council recorded an incredible 1,433% increase in social media Direct Messages.

We’ve all had to learn and adapt to a new way of working and collaborating together, regardless of our physical working space.

Out of this change, 3 key themes have emerged that we can use to continue to adapt, evolve and improve social media strategy in 2021 and beyond. The guide shines a light on:

  • Unified: teams and channels working together seamlessly
  • Digital: reaching and engaging citizens where they are
  • Data-backed: making more informed decisions
  • Plus, further social media resources for gov comms teams

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