Building A Social Media Programme That Grows Academic Profiles & Your University’s Reputation

We already know that providing social media support to your academic and research community is important. But where do you even start?

Join CrowdControlHQ and 448 Studio for this live session where we’ll suggest steps you can take to not only win over the sceptics, but implement a successful programme that builds your academic’s digital profile and positively affects your University reputation.

What you’ll learn

  • How social media can be integrated into profile building and your University’s reputation.
  • Ideas to build a culture of social media within your academic community.
  • How to provide support and encouragement to your academics and research students.
  • How management platforms help protect your University reputation on social.

You’ll leave this session with new insights to apply to your own University social media efforts.

Daniel Marrable
Founder & CEO at 448 Studio


Dan Aston
Marketing Manager at CrowdControlHQ

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