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Risk & Security

CrowdControlHQ is trusted by the UK’s most risk-aware institutions including police forces, financial organisations, and local authorities. The strength of the platform lies in its security features, and the software is subject to rigorous penetration testing to ensure it provides the highest level of protection against unauthorised access.

Tiered user access

Over 26 different user permission options and a thorough onboarding process ensure CrowdControlHQ is configured to match your organisational structure. For example, ‘read only‘ restricts users viewing specific social content, and ‘master editor‘ access grants users the ability to edit and manage all social media content.

Secure login

Protect your social media accounts from malicious theft or hacking with good IT governance and security processes in place. CrowdControlHQ allows you to remove direct access to social media accounts and provide all users with a unique secure login to protect your brand assets. No more sharing usernames and passwords.

“CrowdControlHQ ticks all the boxes in terms of managing social media risk and compliance issues to ensure the Trust and it’s employees are safe.”

Nadine HilliardMedia & Communications Manager at Greenwood Academies Trust

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