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A Unified Social Media Management Platform for Councils & Government

See how UK local government organisations use CrowdControlHQ to deliver customer care and resident engagement activities whilst managing the risks of large-scale social media use.

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All your social media accounts and content in one central place

Establish a central view of multiple social media accounts, inbound and outbound content, and community engagement activity across the organisation.
Proactively listen to social media conversations and chatter related to reputational issues as well as identifying opportunities to engage with residents.
Measure the performance of social media communications and customer care with tangible insights and analytics to support improved decision making.
Support channel shift to social media, reduce inbound call volumes and handle support enquiries more efficiently via social automation and workflows.
Collaborate across multiple teams, departments and locations to deliver consistent and quality communications across all government social channels.
Manage the risks of social media ensuring good governance by providing employees with individual logins and sign off rules based on organisational policies.

Explore the social media tool for council and government teams

Social media scheduling, planning and publishing

Social scheduling, planning and publishing

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Social media collaboration and workflows

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Social media analytics and reporting

Social media analytics and reporting

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“We now have a tool that allows us to expand social media usage across the entire council. Many departments benefit from monitoring online conversations and gauge the audience’s reaction, even when they are not addressing us directly. This helps improve our services and avoid issues that might have serious consequences.”

North Lanarkshire CouncilHead of Corporate Communications & Marketing

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A complete social media platform for government

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