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The all-in-one Social Media Management Platform for the Hospitality and Leisure Industry

See why the UK’s leading hospitality and leisure operators use CrowdControlHQ to improve their customer experience, generate engagement, and manage the risks of social media.

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Delivering a better social media experience in leisure and hospitality

Get a view of all social media accounts and activity across the organisation, whilst allowing local teams to safely engage in social media content and delivery.
Listen to social media conversations at the national and local level to identify engagement opportunities.
Measure the performance of social media content and campaigns, and team response times to inbound customer care enquiries with analytics and reports.
Monitor and respond effectively to customer enquiries and bookings to capture audiences swiftly, and improve social customer care.
Deliver a consistent experience on social across all teams, departments or locations with automated workflows, assignment, and compliance checks in place.
Cut the risk of employee error and protect your brand reputation with individual secure logins, content validation, and user permission and teams.

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Social media scheduling, planning and publishing

Social scheduling, planning and publishing

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Social media engagement

Social community and audience engagement

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Social media analytics and reporting

Social media analytics and reporting

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“We chose CrowdControlHQ as our social media management platform because of the individual logins that the tool provides and the flexibility of configuration that we knew would help to mould to our needs. We wanted colleagues at our centres to be able to access their social media accounts but without having the keys.”

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A complete social media platform for leisure & hospitality operators

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