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Social Media Management and Compliance for Professional Services Organisations

See how UK professional and financial service providers use CrowdControlHQ to safely deliver social media communications and manage the risks.

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How CrowdControlHQ helps

Get a single view to manage all social media marketing and customer service activities across accounts and channels.
Ensure a consistent brand voice across all teams or departments with sign-off workflows ensuring content is consistent and compliant.
Monitor social media and listen to real-time conversations around your brand, products or other keywords.
Turn social media metrics and analytics into real insights. Act on opportunities (and challenges) quickly.
Manage risks of social media with individual secure logins, customisable user permissions and teams, and comprehensive user management and alerts.
Handle crisis situations by automatically pausing all scheduled posts to keep your brand reputation intact.

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“CrowdControlHQ ticks all the boxes in terms of managing social media risk and compliance issues to ensure the Trust and it’s employees are safe. The software pricing model was also scalable, so we knew we didn’t have to worry about the costs going through the roof.”

Media & Communications ManagerGreenwood Academies Trust
Mr Crowd

A complete social media platform for professional and financial services

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