Powerful social media marketing software

CrowdControlHQ empowers social media marketing and communications teams to safely engage audiences across multiple networks, and collaborate on content, publishing and reporting.

Generate meaningful engagement and reach from social campaigns

CrowdControlHQ allows you to reach and grow social audiences across multiple networks with social media scheduling, listening, engagement and analytics tools.

Maintain central visibility and control of all social assets and activity, and empower local teams to safely deliver and engage in marketing communications.

Easily coordinate activity using intuitive social media planning tools with a shared calendar view, plus campaign, network and profile filtering.

Social media planning and publishing calendar

Measure and optimise your social marketing efforts

Social Media Marketing Analytics:

Measure the impact of content and campaigns with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, and identify best performing content on different networks and accounts.

Campaign Tagging & Reporting:

Capture outbound and inbound content in campaigns for an accurate picture of campaign outcomes and ROI.

Social Listening and Monitoring:

Listen to social conversations for brand, product or keyword mentions, and uncover the topics that matter to your audience for new content and engagement opportunities.

Improve social media management efficiency

Responsive Approach:

Identify and respond to inbound messages or comments quickly, working together to avoid duplicate efforts by assigning content to the right person or team.

Closer Collaboration:

Get a complete view of your content publishing schedule and work as a team to deliver communications across multiple networks and accounts.

Team Setup Management:

Manage user roles and teams, and assign permissions and approval workflows for employees and agency partners, to mirror your existing team structure.

Manage the risks, protect your brand and stay compliant

Account & User Security:

Manage the risks of large-scale social media adoption and employee error with individual secure logins, user permissions, sign off workflows and a complete audit trail of all activity.

Brand Reputation & Protection:

Ensure a consistent brand voice with content approval and compliance checks to prevent off-brand or inaccurate content. Plus, protect your reputation in the event of a crisis by instantly pausing all outbound content and moderating inbound messages.

Software backed by fanatical service & support

When you partner with CrowdControlHQ, you get direct access to our Client Services team whenever you need us.

Our outstanding onboarding and training ensures your team gets up and running quickly and smoothly. We will set up CrowdControlHQ to support how your team is structured and want to work together.

Our Client Services team is available on the phone, e-mail and chat to offer support around feature usage and customising all areas of the CrowdControlHQ platform.  

We have developed a modular e-learning programme that is tailored to help you train your users and teams.

We truly value our clients and as part of the CrowdControlHQ user community, you get access to our customer events, training sessions and latest research. Learn from and connect with your peers from some of the best-known brands.

“CrowdControlHQ has empowered our employees to use social media as an effective customer engagement tool. They can promote their local leisure centres by direct video uploads to YouTube from the platform and instant newsfeeds via Twitter or Facebook. At the same time, senior staff members are able to monitor social media activity at all times in a non-intrusive way, manage and mitigate risk and comply with UK law.”

Serco LeisureChris Puszczynski-Phelps, Digital Media Manager

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