Social Media Administration Tools

Social media management is important for staying in complete control of your social media accounts and ensuring only authorised users have access. CrowdControlHQ provides a comprehensive administration suite that can be configured to support your organisational structure and working practices.

Individual logins and social media audit trails

Individual login details mean each user can only access the social media accounts they have been authorised to access depending on their role and responsibilities. All actions performed by users are recorded with full audit trails ensuring good corporate governance.

Protect your social media assets

Protect your social media accounts from malicious theft or unauthorised access. CrowdControlHQ allows you to remove direct access to social media accounts and provide all users with a unique secure login to protect your brand assets. No more sharing usernames and passwords.

Scalable user management

Granular user permissions

Over 26 different user permission options and a thorough onboarding process ensure CrowdControlHQ is configured to match your organisational structure. For example, ‘read-only‘ restricts users viewing specific social content, and ‘master editor‘ access grants users the ability to edit and manage all social media content.

“CrowdControlHQ was the perfect fit because access to functionality can be tailored to the needs of each individual and it’s easy and simple for everyone to use. We can empower colleagues to get involved with social media at RICS because we can moderate content before it’s made live, making sure that we’ve got a consistent, on brand, and co-ordinated approach to social media.”

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A scalable platform for social media team management

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