Social Media Engagement Tool

CrowdControlHQ gives social media teams the power to identify and engage in social conversations quickly and efficiently. Work together to deliver campaigns, shape great content and promote best practice. Focus your time and effort where it matters most – on speaking to and engaging with prospects and customers.

Social media engagement platform features

Post analytics

Real-time insight

Real-time insight delivers immediate performance metrics on content posted out. It allows users to quickly see the number of clicks, reach and social interactions, instantly reply to comments and social engagement on popular posts across networks, and react to opportunities (or challenges) as they happen.

Inbound feed

The Inbound Feed ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage with your fans and followers. The conversation log records all activity for reference and to support customer service continuity. Users can be notified of specific social media activity, and messages can be forwarded to individual team members.

Prioritised conversations view

Manage very high volumes of social customer service enquiries, with all public and private inbound messages displayed via the Conversations dashboard, allowing you to prioritise and reply to posts efficiently. Route content through to the right people to streamline the process and speed up responses.

Customer service resolution management

Manage and resolve social media customer service cases efficiently with our resolution management functionality. Easily view all new enquiries, assign cases to the right people, and close cases when resolved, with automatic updates to ensure your customer service team collaborate effectively on customer service enquiries.

Key influencers

CrowdControlHQ gives organisations the power to identify key influencers at the click of a button. By staying on top of those who are most engaged and generating the biggest impact, your social media campaigns can harness the power of your brand advocates to improve reach, engagement and maximise brand value.

“CrowdControlHQ has empowered our employees to use social media as an effective customer engagement tool. They can promote their local leisure centres by direct video uploads to YouTube from the platform and instant newsfeeds via Twitter or Facebook.”

Serco LeisureDigital Media Manager

A complete platform for social media engagement

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