Social Media Content Compliance

CrowdControlHQ allows you to engage in complete confidence knowing that your social media policies will be automatically enforced stopping any content being posted that could cause embarrassment or reputational damage.

Social media content validation

Streamlined publishing process

Easy content generation and social media publishing with established and flexible workflows for content approval. Use user level or content specific validation to ensure that you publish content that won’t fail to meet social media content compliance standards, cause embarrassment or reputational damage. It can also be a powerful tool for creating a ‘two sets of eyes’ process for training new employees, and for use in highly-regulated industries.

Audit trail

CrowdControlHQ automatically keeps a complete record of all social media activity, including who posted what content, when, and to whom. It also records all users who validated or even edited content before it was published. The audit trail helps teams identify potential errors and highlight any training requirements.

Audit trail of social media activity

Policy storage

Our social media compliance tool come with a secure policy storage tool which allows organisations to stay on the right side of industry regulation. An unlimited number of files can be uploaded, allowing social media policies, guides and plans to be shared easily with all users, and accessed at any time to support social media delivery.

Social media & GDPR

Keep social media activity GDPR compliant with internal governance policies maintaining accurate records of all interactions all stored in the UK. Archiving is important to demonstrate that an organisation has taken the necessary care in ensuring due diligence when delivering enterprise social media.

Archive social media content

“I describe CrowdControlHQ as the social media plumbing in our organisation. It’s the structure and pipework of how we connect all our regions to send out meaningful messages to our local communities in a way that makes sense. We can communicate in a really safe, effective and controlled way.”

Redrow HomesGroup Communications Director

A complete platform for social media content compliance

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