Social CRM

Our Social CRM tools help you manage more enquiries with faster responses, whilst working smarter as a team. You can maintain visibility over your social media activity and control over account access.

Social media conversations

A single view of social conversations

Monitor all customer enquiries in a single stream from across your multiple social channels, and easily assign messages to the right user or team for a fast and efficient response. Track and close off customer conversations and know who is working on which conversations.

Automated alerts and workflows

Work smarter and create efficiencies in customer care by using automated alerts and intelligent workflows. By using CrowdControlHQ you can manage large volumes of across multiple teams, locations, channels and social media accounts.

Collaborate on customer relationships

Avoid duplicating effort or responses with intelligent allocation. A complete audit trail of all previous engagement activity and notes on conversations keep your colleagues updated on progress shaping how you respond to specific cases. Use CrowdControlHQ to track message sentiment and close resolved enquiries.

Track team performance

Identify your top performers with multiple metrics across sales, marketing and customer care teams. Use the reporting and analytics to identify best practice and share this across the organisation. Build on your star performers and give your users the tools to improve response times and overall customer satisfaction.

Track team performance

“Using CrowdControlHQ, we can deliver a highly personalised and interactive service that boosts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.”

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A complete social media CRM platform

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