Hootsuite vs CrowdControlHQ

Choosing the right social media management platform is key. CrowdControlHQ and Hootsuite are often shortlisted as the best solution for medium and large enterprise needs.

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Both CrowdControlHQ and Hootsuite intend to help you engage your social media audiences, manage your activity and analyse your performance.

However, differences start to appear when you look at each platform’s approach to unlocking the true potential of social media, and how that approach contributes to ease-of-use and your team’s adoption.

This page is designed to help you understand key differences between CrowdControlHQ and Hootsuite, so you can make the best choice for managing your organisation’s social media.

Pricing structure

CrowdControlHQ includes all the enterprise-level features you need for one price, so you’ll always get the most value for money. You only pay for the number of users and accounts you need, and can scale up as your requirements grow 👍

Hootsuite has a tiered system where each tier has different features and functionality and is a different price. Prices increase rapidly for users that need access to enterprise-level features such as reporting and analytics. All this makes it quite complicated and expensive 👎

Onboarding and setup

CrowdControlHQ creates a personalised onboarding and training experience for your team, where you receive one-on-one attention from your dedicated account manager. It doesn’t matter how large or small your team is, all organisations receive regular reviews and recommendations from a customer success manager 👍

Hootsuite’s onboarding is an automated process for the vast majority of users, who are directed around the software via short, prescriptive messages. In a nutshell, you have to learn as you go starting from adding in your social media accounts, which is not ideal 👎

Customer service and success

CrowdControlHQ’s live chat support team’s target is to respond to you within 30 minutes, although their first response is usually 30 seconds! You can also reach our support through email and should receive a response within half an hour, or find the answer within our extensive knowledge base 👍

Depending on your account tier, Hootsuite customers could expect to wait up to two weeks for a response from customer service 👎

User experience

CrowdControlHQ’s platform is designed for useability – it is clean and intuitive for new and experienced users to get maximum value from it easily. Even colleagues that are not social or marketing experts find it simple to understand 👍

Hootsuite has a reputation for being clunky, as the Streams function can get ‘clogged up’ with content and become confusing. This is especially true for users who are less social media savvy 👎

We spoke to Hootsuite and were staggered by how much it cost for just a handful of social media accounts with little additional functionality for the cost. You are essentially paying for a brand name rather than an exceptional service.

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We seek to involve customers in the development process. From scoping new features, to providing feedback and testing our latest functionality, you can help shape CrowdControlHQ.

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We recognise there’s a lot that our customers can learn from each other. That’s why we host regular webinars and events to help knowledge sharing, advice and best-practice.

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