Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Social media listening is a critical element of enterprise social media, helping you gain insight into customers and prospects, and identify topics of interest for engagement. By listening to conversations across social media, brands can identify engagement opportunities, monitor competitor updates and quickly identify customer service issues.

Social media monitoring software features

Social media listening for keyword mentions

Keyword monitoring

CrowdControlHQ Buzz Monitor makes it easy to follow social conversations and listen for mentions of any brand name, keyword or hashtag on social media. Use social listening to pinpoint trends and themes that can shape your social media content plans, and identify opportunities to engage with your audience.

Immediate alerts

Configurable email alerts send notifications direct to your email inbox (immediately, hourly, or daily). Notify your team whenever your brand or product name is mentioned on social media, track what content your competitors are publishing, or monitor activity around a specific campaign or public event.


Focus your social media listening using CrowdControlHQ Buzz Monitor geo-targeting. Identify a region, a town or even a building and listen in on the local social conversations taking place, engage with the local community and establish new social relationships.

“We now have a tool that allows us to expand social media usage across the entire council. Many departments benefit from monitoring online conversations and gauge the audience’s reaction, even when they are not addressing us directly. This helps improve our services and avoid issues that might have serious consequences.”

North Lanarkshire CouncilHead of Corporate Communications & Marketing

A complete platform for social media listening

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