Sprout Social vs CrowdControlHQ

Choosing the right social media management platform is key. CrowdControlHQ and Sprout Social are often shortlisted as the best solution for medium and large enterprise needs.

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CrowdControlHQ and Sprout Social are often shortlisted for medium and large organisations’ social media management needs. Both platforms help you to engage your social media audience, manage your activity and analyse your performance, but differences start to appear when you look more closely.

This page will help you to understand the differences between CrowdControlHQ and Sprout Social, so you can make the best choice for managing your organisation’s social media channels.

Pricing Structure

CrowdControlHQ believes in only paying for what you use. Our pricing is based solely on the number of accounts and users that are connected to the platform 👍

Sprout Social’s tiered pricing system has more features at higher tiers, with prices increasing rapidly for users that need access to enterprise-level features. All this makes it quite complicated and expensive 👎

User Experience

CrowdControlHQ’s platform is designed for useability – even colleagues that are not social or marketing experts find it simple to understand thanks to descriptive labelling, clear insights and clean navigation 👍

Sprout Social has areas that users can find difficult to navigate with a clunky and confusing analytics dashboard. This holds especially true for users that are less savvy with social media 👎

Available Features

CrowdControlHQ has been carefully designed to give you access to all the tools needed to unlock the true potential of social media in one place — nothing is hidden behind premium paywalls 👍

Sprout Social’s premium features, including asset libraries and quick replies are only available to large, enterprise-level customers 👎

Partnership Approach

CrowdControlHQ tailors a personalised onboarding and training program to work with you to unlock the true potential of social media for your organisation. With a live chat support response of usually 30 seconds, the Customer Success team are there to help you succeed 👍

Sprout Social reserves their premium customer support for enterprise-level customers, with other users being unable to get a response from customer service for long periods of time 👎

It just wouldn’t be possible to manage without a platform like CrowdControlHQ since we have so many pages and users, and they always provide quick, helpful customer support which is really important to us.

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More than just software

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting collaborative relationships with customers.

Training tailored to you

We understand that people learn in different ways, so our training is tailored to your needs. We work with you to train all users and provide 24/7 access to training resources ensuring you get off to a flying start.

Help shape the software

We seek to involve customers in the development process. From scoping new features, to providing feedback and testing our latest functionality, you can help shape CrowdControlHQ.

Be part of the crowd

We recognise there’s a lot that our customers can learn from each other. That’s why we host regular webinars and events to help knowledge sharing, advice and best-practice.

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